The EMBLEM Language

Made by Yunwei Li 

Mission of the project

The EMBLEM is a custom scripting language that aims to remove the troubles and confusion from many programming languages. 

What makes EMBLEM Different?


Our language aims to ensure that users are able to write code in an easy to follow and logical format that makes sense through the use of custom commands and scripts. 

Wide-Range of Functions

To ensure that users are able to perform a wide range of functions, our language is built through the integration of many standard language features including Integers, Strings, etc. 


EMBLEM is fully supported with customer service through either email or the contact form and a quick response will be achieved. (24-48 hours estimated)

Constant Development

There will be frequent updates to the language including the adding of new features, minor tweaks, etc. that will all be mentioned through monthly patch notes of EMBLEM.  

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

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